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Leather Pad
Ride-Light equestrian products are designed with one goal in mind - maximum comfort for the horse and rider. To this end we have developed a line of saddle pads, girths, reins and stirrup pads to give you and your horse the edge you need. Your horse will perform better because he will be in less pain, and you will be a more confident rider. We're convinced it's the best ride you and your horse will ever have. But don't take our word for it; check out the testimonials and then try one for yourself.
Demo of non-slip pad with no girth.
Our latest custom non-slip pad customer had this to say:
"Today was the first time I was able to ride my horse and not have to use 4 pads to make my saddle sit right....... thank you, thank you... my horse's back was evenly wet for the first time..... you guys are wonderful! -Jan M.