"I've been riding hunters for fifteen years and own just about every saddle pad made. I wish I'd had the Ride-Light pad years ago, because my horse has never gone better. He used to be a little cold-backed, and now he doesn't object at all when I mount up. Thanks, Ride-Light!"
- Steven K., Lafayette, CA
Sparky's story:
Sparky is a 10-year-old Morgan pony. He loves to jump and go on trail rides. Until we started working him in the Ride-Light, no one could get him around a course, or just around the ring without bucking. He wouldn't bend and he dropped his right shoulder in every turn. He would get aggravated and sweat so much that he would foam. To top it off, he's a rather "round" shaped guy and the saddle would slip so that even the most balanced rider would end up hanging off one side or the other. Since switching to the Ride-Light, Sparky is a happy guy with a forward, open stride. He doesn't buck at the canter any more and is looking forward to his first circuit championship in his jumper division!

Corey's story:
Corey is a 12-year-old Oldenberg gelding who was very cold-backed. Mounting was always a touch-and-go operation that required his trainer to hold him from the ground while the rider mounted. Since using the Ride-Light exclusively, Corey doesn't mind being mounted any more.

"Isaac will not move forward with any other pad, period. Ride-Light makes all the difference."
- Casey S., Martinez, CA (Jumper/Equitation)
"I've always struggled with back pain, my whole career in Childrens and Juniors. After trying several competing pads, the moment I started working in the Ride-Light, the tension completely washed out of my upper body. I won't go back!"
- Danielle S., Oakland, CA (Jumper/Equitation)
"When we were using the [Ride-Light] pads, Hansel's strides were relaxed and lengthened."
- Christina W., Walnut Creek, CA (Hunter/Jumper)