Ride-Light pads are veterinarian approved for all disciplines and clinically proven to lessen back pain, relieve pressure on the spinal processes and help equalize pressure and heat along and accross the horse's back. The thermographic examples on this page compare the effects of the ride light pad to other popular types of pads.

Since it's inception,
Ride-Light's developers have been performing on-going thermography based research to determine the physiological effect of Ride-Light versus competing saddle pads. Thermography images show a color-coded heat signature of the surface temperature of the area tested. Surface temperature indicates pressure, pain reaction, and blood-flow in a particular area. Preliminary results show a 20% - 50% reduction in surface temperature of the horses' backs after using the Ride-Light pad from comparable rides in competing pads. Reductions in surface temperature mean a cooler horse, with less pain, and more even weight distribution.

Our pads are currently undergoing extensive testing including heart rate monitoring at all gaits with numerous horses and riders. The results will be posted soon on this web site.
Ride-Light pad
Competing pad