The NOseband comes standard in black or brown with wooden end beads. Custom colors are available by special order, as well as custom beading with designs or initials. For details email:
The NOseband is an innovative product developed by a Registered Veterinary Technician and horse trainer to help control head-shaking from photo-hypersensitivity and other causes. The NOseband has been tested and approved by equine veterinarians for all disciplines.

NOseband works by counter stimulating the facial nerves and may create an endorphin release. This product is now in use by some of the leading event, hunter and dressage trainers worldwide.

There tends to be a residual effect in many horses, allowing one to warm up with the
NOseband and then remove it before competition for disciplines where it is not allowed. Because the NOseband is not a medication, there is no prescription necessary and there are no worries about drug testing. Try it for yourself!
Patent pending.
NO more headshaking!