As horsepeople and athletes, we can agree that pain and tension hurt performance. We work diligently to ensure the safety and comfort of our animals. Keeping them happy and healthy is the goal for any competitive or casual rider, trainer, and owner. At Ride-Light, our purpose is to further this goal for both our horses and ourselves.

Ride-Light saddle pads provide a dynamic support system using a unique, 100% natural foam coupled with non-slip surfaces that enhance the comfort and stability of both horse and rider. With the finest handmade craftsmanship, each pad is suitable for everyday use as well as in the show ring.

Why do I need Ride-Light?

Is your horse sore or cold-backed?
Ride-Light pads cushion the initial mounting of your horse, ease the transition, and provide a more comfortable experience for both the horse and the rider.

Do you experience back pain while riding your horse?
Ride-Light pads absorb shock and significantly reduce your back strain while riding.

Does your horse's back get excessively hot and sweaty?
Ride-Light pads provide excellent breathability, dispersing heat more efficiently than any competing pad that we have tested.

Can your horse be tense and inflexible?
The dynamic cushioning of the Ride-Light pad works with your horse and compensates for your shifting weight, providing a more even pressure and reducing shocks to the back.

Do conventional pads slip out of place?
Ride-Light pads are covered with the finest leather which sticks without fail to your saddle, as they warm, they adhere even better, providing a secure, stable cushion for you and your horse. Additionally, regardless of how hard you are working, the heat dispersal keeps the pad dry and never slippery.

Are you looking for a pad that goes from schooling ring to show ring?
Ride-Light pads are beautifully crafted with the show ring in mind, and tough enough to withstand hours of daily use. Clean them with your favorite leather conditioner and that's all you need.

Our Story:

We have a couple of horses who were very uncomfortable under saddle, and had to find a way to ease things up for them. (See Corey and Sparky on the testamonials page.) It took years of experimenting with different materials, coverings, thicknesses, but in the end it was worth it.